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Please do not attempt to email us directly, even if you have an address.

  1. If you have a sales question about a product bought from an Arjay Enterprises company, want to report problems with an account hosted on our system, need help changing its settings, or have noted bugs on any of our web sites, always put in a trouble ticket through our forum. at, or on this page if absolutely necessary, for fastest attention.
  2. Once registered on our forum, you may, send a private message from there to Rick Sutcliffe who is user rsutc.
  3. All direct access via email to Arjay sites, including Sheaves will be turned off except by invitation, so an email message sent to us without using the forum or the form below may not go anywhere.
  4. The standalone help desk product that once appeared here was not used by many people and eventually broke in a software upgrade, so it has been removed. We are working on other help solutions that will be rolled out later as the business expands.

In an emergency, if you absolutely cannot register on the forum, wait for a confirmation, then send a private message, you may fill in all parts of this form:



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